Tuesday, September 20, 2011

VICEmagazine launches new online video-driven site; my, how you've grown

VICE magazine has launched VICE.com, announced plans to launch a series of stand-alone online media channels ans struck new content syndication deals (it retains its deal with CNN) through partnerships with The Huffington Post/AOL, Der Spiegel, Aftonbladet, the Guardian, Terra, Renren, CCTV, MTV Brasil, Youku and others. 
It's a long way from its beginnings as a feisty youth culture magazine in Montreal.The company is now based in New York and operates worldwide.
VICE acquired the VICE.com domain earlier this year and is using it to create an omnibus video-driven online site. With lashings of irony, given the circumstances, VICE founder Shane Smith said in a release:
"When VICE first started, all we cared about was sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. But then as we travelled around the world, we got more into news, politics, fashion, art, the environment… basically everything. So this is that: Vice.com where everything we give a shit about lives. Vive la Revoluçion!"
Some revolution. The 2011 – 2012 program lineup of free shows includes new seasons of VICE News, The VICE Guide to Travel, Toxic, Epicly Later’d, Munchies and The Cute Show and a slate of new series all backed by leading global brands like GE, Toshiba, Incase, MINI, vitaminwater.
One of VICE's new content partners is giant blogger Huffington Post, whose founding editor Roy Sekoff, says:
"HuffPost and VICE are definitely twin sons of different mothers. Their envelope-pushing takes on current events are a perfect fit with our disruptive approach to the way news, information and entertainment are delivered, consumed, and engaged with. We love the fact that VICE’s stuff is simultaneously ballsy, smart, and very well informed. And we’ve got some pretty audacious plans for teaming up to cover the 2012 campaign -- it’s sex, drug, rock n roll…and presidential politics."
The launch of VICE.com was celebrated last week in Montreal, where it all began.

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