Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Expat Canadian Tyler Brûlé named editor of the year by Ad Age

Wallpaper and Monocle magazine founder Tyler Brûlé has been named editor of the year by Ad Agemagazine. The magazine said "it comes as no surprise that he remains perhaps the most devoted and adventurous advocate of 'magazine-ness' working today." 
Brûlé moved to Britain in 1989 and launched Wallpaper in 1996 and Monocle in 2007. He is lauded for his insistence on creating substantial, luxurious and high-end publications in an era when most editors are cheese-paring budgets by downgrading paper quality or trim size.
The budget's always been tight at global-affairs monthly Monocle -- launched in 2007, it's still in startup mode -- but for founder and editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, the primacy of the physical product is inviolable. With its glossy heft, sections on all manner of different paper stock, and exquisite printing, Monocle is a media product for the luxury market -- the global jetset -- that actually feels luxurious.
"When the little van comes with the first-bound editions," says Mr. Brûlé, speaking from Monocle headquarters in London, "it's like Christmas. That fresh smell of the glue, the feel of the paper under your fingertips, the click of the pages and the crackling of the spine -- it is touching every single sense."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no question that Tyler Brule is doing some amazing things in the magazine world. While I have been deeply tempted to buy one of his publications, I never have pulled the trigger.

I am not sure how much money he's spent on Monocle...but it will be a cold day in hell before I spend
180 pounds ($288 cdn) for a Loopwheeler Monocle Shawl Cardigan.

$128 (80 pounds) seems a bit steep for 10 issue subscription...but you do get the following...

A discerning gift for the most deserving recipient, the first issue comes hand-wrapped in Monocle-designed paper, with an accompanying welcome letter which announces your gift (with a personal message should you choose to add this) and explains our subscriber benefits.
Subscribe now and we'll also send our new exclusive tote bag for 2011 within the first few issues.

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