Wednesday, December 14, 2011

No regrets as Regret the Error blogger Craig Silverman moves it to Poynter

Followers of Regret the Error blogger Craig Silverman, who is based in Montreal, will be interested to learn that he is moving from being a weekly columnist for the Columbia Journalism Review to join the respected Poynter Institute. His blog will be moving to
He reports happily that he will be able now to spend most of his time writing for the blog (and other Poytner blogs). His url is being redirected early next year.
One of the frustrations I’ve had with running this site is it’s never been more than a sideline. My day job has always been elsewhere, meaning I couldn’t jump on news quickly, or devote time to longer, reported pieces. I’ll now be able to do that, and a lot more, too. One of the best parts? The vast majority of the work I produce is going to be available free of charge. And that work will be produced in conjunction with the great and knowledgeable people at Poynter.
His move will mean he is stepping back to an advisory role with OpenFile, the online news site he helped to launch in 2010.
Regret the Error was launched in 2004 to report on media corrections, retractions and apologies and led to a book of the same name. Silverman has also been, and will continue to be, a weekly columnist for the Toronto Star. He is president of the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC).

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