Friday, May 04, 2012

Bitter lament for the young women who made

Sabrina Maddeaux, Toronto Standard's style editor and an erstwhile contributor for gives a different perspective on this week's announced closure of that site and 7 others by Rogers Media. She points out that Sweetspot was the #1 site for women aged 25-52, pulling in an estimated 125,000 unique visitors and 1.2. million pageviews per month, significantly more than either or And she points out the loss of good part-time and full-time jobs for women as a result of the closure.
"Ironically, Rogers announced an increased commitment to female consumers just weeks ago-- clearly a Rick Santorum-like commitment to women that doesn’t include choice or supporting young women in the workplace....
"The events of this week should result in some tough questions for those who control large portions of the Canadian media scene. With the axing of Sweetspot, the outlook for young female journalists and readers just got a lot more sour."



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