Friday, May 25, 2012

Maclean's "does it again", says La Presse of the current hard-hitting cover

The newspaper La Presse notes that Maclean's magazine has "done it again" with its controversial current cover on the student strikes and demonstrations in Quebec.
'The latest issue shows the a photo of a protester in fury, whose red mask reveals only the eyes, under the title "Quebec's new ruling class."
The newspaper points out that it's only a year and a half since Maclean's raised a furor with (and was reprimanded for) its cover image of Bonhomme holding a briefcase full of money and a coverline calling Quebec "the most corrupt province."
The main feature of the current issue is by Quebec bureau chief Martin Patriquin, accompanied by a column by Paul Wells.
Patriquin tells La Presse that he does not believe the new issue gives a distorted picture of the situation. "I am completely comfortable with the coverage," he said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow reality is difficult to grasp.........I live in Qc and clearly this is the reality.the chosen few representing 5% have decided that they know best and will
make our daily life impossible

They are composed of students who spend their life in university and thus prefer to keep fees status quo,
the usual PQ supporters who want independence ,and the association of Quebec artistes also loyal to the PQ

Who stands for the rest of us ...if not the law ??

Signed. : the silet majoriy

2:30 pm  

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