Monday, June 04, 2012

Book City Danforth named magazine retailer of the year by Magazines Canada

Book City Toronto's Danforth branch and its magazine manager June Shoji has been named 2011 Retailer of the year by Magazines Canada. The award will be presented this week at a luncheon being held as part of the MagNet conference.
Book City is a mini chain, owned and run by Frans Donker, and carries a comprehensive collection of magazines from a diversity of distributors.
The Danforth store, managed by Patricia Magosse, is the quintessential Book City: great books, great remainders and, in a small, efficient space, a spectacular selection of magazines. Somehow in this ever-changing retail landscape, Book City has found the right combination of factors to survive. Obviously this includes having a great location, a hands-on, knowledgeable staff and carrying a good selection of Canadian magazines.
What has evolved into Magazines Week in Canada begins tomorrow, with the first event in the four-day MagNet conference in Toronto, managed by a consortium of industry associations.

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