Thursday, June 07, 2012

BPA loosens its rules to allow for multiple web analytics tags

One of the most familiar circulation auditing authorities in Canada, BPA Worldwide, has changed its rules to allow its members to use web analytic tags other than its proprietary tag powered by Nielsen. According to a story in Audience Development
“The change was prompted by the member feedback,” says Glenn Hansen, president and CEO of BPA Worldwide. “We had hit close to 700 sites and we have nearly 2,000 members. The question to the other 1,300 was what’s preventing you from doing this? Some had said they were using other analytics providers. The two that were named more often than not was Google Analytics and Omniture.”
So, beginning July 1, BPA will allow use of other web analytic tags: Omniture SiteCatalyst and/or Google Analytics. The decision came after comparative analysis of test results.

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