Monday, June 04, 2012

GOOD magazine turns out to be not-so

GOOD, a Los Angeles based business magazine that has been well-regarded by magazine mavens, has apparently imploded, with most of the staff summarily laid off. According to a story on, the magazine held a launch party for its latest issue on Thursday and then, on Friday, let go its executive editor, managing editor, senior editor, lifestyle editor, business editor and associate editor.
GOOD appears to be exploring a community-based publishing system with a public beta site described as “a platform for 21st century citizenship” that includes aggregation (GOOD Finder) and a tool for mobilizing locally (GOOD Maker).
GOOD was launched in 2006 by Ben Goldhirsh, the scion of Inc. magazine founder Bernie Goldhirsh and developed a much-talked about graphical style along with an unconventional approach to covering business.


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Good god.

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