Saturday, July 14, 2012

TC Media launches Montreal app to pay parking fees with a smartphone

TC Media, which in other departments publishes magazines, has launched a mobile app in collaboration with the Montreal Parking Authority (Stationnement de Montréal) which will allow motorists to pay for their parking with their smart phones. It's not the first North American city to have such a system, but the parking agency promotes it as a "made in Montreal" solution. According to a story in Marketing magazine,
The app allows a person to pay or renew parking fees for a specific spot and duration, and also alerts the user before the parking period expires. Hurried motorists can access the app free of charge on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android smartphones. It’s also available online and at for the mobile version. Users will pay 40 cents per transaction with part of that revenue going to TC Media, which also shared in development costs.
TC Media said it registered 13,000 subscriptions to the new service in the first week.



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