Thursday, July 19, 2012

Toronto Star cuts its relationship in a print edition of The Onion. Any tears?

The Onion, the satirical online paper, is being discontinued as a print edition in Toronto, according to an internal memo from the Toronto Star, which handled sales, production and distribution for 50,000 copies a week. [Source for this is Steve Ladurantaye, the Globe and Mail media reporter, who tweeted it @syladurantaye.]  
The Star is apparently saying the last issue will be July 26 and there will be no job losses (though there are likely to be freelance work lost)
The Star took on the franchise for the satirical Onion in November which has a major online presence and about 14 print editions in U.S. cities, although it has launched and folded several in other cities. The Onion media kit claimed 3.61 million online print readers and 476,700 papers a week. It said it has 15.3 million online visits. At the time it announced the partnership, Steve Hannah, president and CEO of Onion, Inc. said
"Toronto has long been one of the Top-10 cities for The Onion's online audience," said  "I think it's the perfect place for The Onion and A.V. Club to make their first foray outside the United States. Toronto has a tradition of great comedy as well as being a really smart, cosmopolitan city that has a natural audience for our pop culture coverage as well."
Um, apparently not.



Blogger Dean Tudor said...

Actually, it has been missing from various newstands in Toronto for most of July. I kept waiting for an announcement -- so where did the weekly 50,000 copies (pre-July 26) go?

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