Tuesday, October 09, 2012

ELLE Canada mans up with 32-page bonus issue

ELLE Canada has launched a men's fashion extension called ELLE Canada Man, which is on the newsstands today. Though there is some paradox in having the words "elle" and "man" in the same logo, one can see why TC Media wants to get on this trend, as other Canadian fashion titles have done male-oriented spinoffs and many of the other worldwide Elle editions already have one. 
The 32-page magazine, which is being characterized as a "bonus issue", is poly-bagged with newsstand copies of the November issue of ELLE Canada  and features Canadian actor Scott Speedman on the cover. The parent magazine has PINK on the cover.  
 “Men are increasingly savvy about fashion, and focused on grooming," says  ELLE Canada editor-in-chief, Noreen Flanagan, "so it was high time ELLE Canada spoke to them directly.”


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