Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Founder of Swim Canada magazine,
Nick Thierry, dies

The founder of Swimnews, originally called Swim Canada magazine,Nick Thierry, has died at the age of 73. He started the publication in 1974 and it became a leading international swimming publication. 
According to a posting on SwimSwam site Thierry was never much of a swimmer himself, but his dryland contributions were such that in 2000 he was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. He coached swimmers on three Olympic teams (1964-1972) and was a member of the 1970 Commonwealth Games staff.
"And still, with those successes in coaching it is as a statistical mastermind where he will leave a lasting impact on the sport. History will remember Thierry, because he has been the developer of much of the kind of history swimmers and swim fans adore: statistics. Thierry over the last 40 years has become recognized as the world’s foremost swimming statistician, doing work both for his own SwimNews publication and for governing bodies like Swimming Canada and FINA. Even before the internet, he brought swimming from the dark ages of statistics into a new, global recording that allowed swimmers from around the globe to easily find their standing in the world of swimming."
Swimnews story about Thierry's passing. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually he was a swimmer and competed for U of T. Also coached some of Canada's top swimmers.

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