Friday, October 05, 2012

Those affluents are still into print in a big way

The smart strategy for publishers is to serve affluent people with both print and digital platforms at once. According to the Ipsos MediaCT Mendelsohn Affluent Survey the well-heeled have showed only a tiny decline in print use, even though they are relatively heavy smartphone and tablet users.
A story on Audience Development says the study shows that 82% of "affluents" (households over $100,000 a year) read at least one of the 150 print titles included (142 magazines and 7 national newspapers) -- 18.7 issues of 8.2 titles. So-called "ultra affluents" (over $250,000 HHI) read national newspapers in hard copy and this has actually gone up 3.9% to 11.3 million.
"The adoption of digital does not suggest a rejection of print in these demos, and the persistence of their taste for print is not at all indicative of reticence about digital or devices."


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