Saturday, May 25, 2013

Frank magazine is reported on the verge of a comeback

The national edition of Frank magazine, the satirical and muckraking publication which closed in October 2008, is apparently being revived as an online publication starting in the fall, according to a post on by Postmedia News. Michael Bate, who ran the magazine from 1989 is bringing the national Frank back in a blog format -- similar to Andrew Sullivan's The Dish -- with a paywall and a subscription price between $10 and $15 a month.

The national Frank, based in Ottawa, was a spinoff of a Halifax-based biweekly regional publication which started in 1987 and has continued since in both print and subscription-based online form. 
“I think things have changed," Bate told the CBC. "The zeitgeist has changed, it’s more like it was in the early ‘90s when Mulroney was in office. People are fed up with the Tories. I think there is an appetite for satire and muckraking scandal sheets like Frank. So I’m optimistic.”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Frank, but not 10 bucks a month worth.

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