Friday, June 28, 2013

Quote, unquote: Tough s--t

Photo By François Goizé
“I really don’t care who edits those magazines, if they were all black, or all white, or all women, or all men, or rabbits — I just don’t care. I’m aware that — and I was aware — that putting five [sic] white guys on the cover was going to be difficult, but you know, tough s--t. That’s my opinion.” 
-- Port magazine editor Dan Crowe, responding in an item on WWD to a flurry of criticism about sexism in the magazine's summer issue, featuring six, male editors and trumpeting the resurgence of print media. The magazine is being released on North American newsstands this week. [see earlier quote we published from Crowe.]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh god. I can remember the days when putting a provocatively clad 13 year old on the cover and asking why we dress our daughters like skanks constituted risque.

The objections to this all-white-male cover?

Total thought police.

Please. We're doomed.

7:11 pm  

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