Thursday, September 26, 2013

Les Affaires launches special design issue, part of 85th year celebration

Les Affaires magazine has launched a special design issue as part of its 85th year celebration. The special issue is done in collaboration with the design agency organgetango, which came up with the whimsical cover, meant to illustrate the blending of business with design as a "driver of the economy"
“This special edition shows that design can have a far-reaching impact in the world of business,” says Géraldine Martin, Associate Publisher and Chief Editor, Les Affaires Group. “To help us create this totally design-focused issue, we organized a panel discussion with key people in the industry. This in fact led us to more informed and engaged thinking about the future Champlain Bridge. Which is why Les Affaires got involved and decided to act as a unifying force in this issue.”


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