Monday, November 25, 2013

Frank magazine is back to mock,
provoke and expose

[This post was updated] Frank magazine is back and, as it says, under old management. The former editor Michael Bate has revived the satirical and muckraking national magazine and is seeking subscribers. Formerly best known in print, it is now available that way again (24 issues)and as a yearly online subscription  (either print or online for $129.95) or for a monthly online subscription of $14.95.
"After a well-deserved period of rest and relaxation (rehab and restitution, shurely!–ed.), we’ve resumed our mission to expose the guilty, provoke the greedy and mock the powerful....
"To commemorate the reigniting of national Frank, we're offering subscribers an authentic, first-edition, hand-painted Rob Ford Bobble-Belly™, absolutely free with a one-year subscription to Frank--online or in print."
[Update: Frank closed in October 2008 when it had about 5,000 subscribers, compared with its peak circulation of 20,000. There was discussion about it coming back in blog format, with a paywall and a monthly sub price of $15. Bate was the editor from 1989 until 2005 until it closed. Now he says the environment is ripe for its return (could it have anything to do with Rob Ford, the Senate? -- ed.).  

The national Frank, based in Ottawa, was a spinoff of a Halifax-based biweekly regional publication which started in 1987 and has continued since in both print and subscription-based online form.]



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