Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cosmo pitch meeting livestreamed so readers can watch how it's done

That's kind of cool, or alarming, or both., the website of the magazine, livestreamed an hour-long story meeting yesterday. 

According to a story in the New York Observer
Broadcasting a pitch meeting might be most journalist’s idea of Truman Show-like hell, but livestreamed their pitch meeting this afternoon because it knows how to reach its readership.
The story went on 
Sitting in front of computers, backlit by the Cosmopolitan logo and a TV playing a continuous yule log overlaid with periodic images of cup cakes and animals in Santa hats, the staffers started by throwing out some edgier topics (as per online editor Amy Odell’s request) like BDSM, latex fetishes and 69ing. The latter sex act reminded one staffer of a Sex and the City episode. Actually, Sex and the City came up more than once.

A shirtless, male staffer entered the room to propose a new feature called “Cooking With A Hottie” where the bare-chested fellow cooked food with a cute girl, a stunt that we are sure had nothing to do with the broadcast. That pitch quickly devolved into a discussion of quinoa, everyone’s favorite grain-like protein, “Cookie Butter” (apparently mashed up cookie crumbs and butter) and the differences between egg pizza, frittatas and quiche. The shirtless male staffer remained shirtless.
Readers were encouraged to tweet suggestions and make comments.  

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