Thursday, December 05, 2013

Double Dot magazine celebrates
Winnipeg and Minneapolis

Double Dot, a Toronto-based magazine that celebrates sister cities, is launching its 4th issue featuring Winnipeg and Minneapolis with a party Dec. 12, 8 p.m. at Toronto's Mama Loves You Vintage, 541 Queen St. W. 

The magazine is the inspiration of and was founded by three ex-Walrus interns: Shannon Jager, Barry Chong and Julie Baldassi. Jager is the art director at Quill & Quire magazine, and previously worked as a designer for Elle magazine. Chong is a former staff writer at Toro Magazine, and the creator of a new podcast series with Torontonians called Hogtown Talks. Baldassi is a staff writer at Quill & Quire who has contributed as a writer and director to several short films.  

The goal of Double Dot is to create relationships between cities across the world and explore the cultural and creative relationships between them. Past issues have featured Chicago and Toronto, and Montreal and Amsterdam. Jager  says in a release:
“With past issues on Chicago and Toronto, and Montreal and Amsterdam, Issue 4 focuses on the often-overlooked sister cities of Minneapolis and Winnipeg—places that seem to go unnoticed when pitted against the cultural giants like New York and Paris. As sister cities, Minneapolis and Winnipeg share geographic, economic, and historical ties. And as Double Dot’s fine contributors have discovered, they also share a similar creative spirit.”
Issue 4 (which is for sale at the party for $10) features filmmaker Guy Maddin, Minneapolis hipster rapper Lizzo, and The Royal Art Lodge collective, as well as new photography by Fantavious FritzBen Freedman, and Sarah Blais, and new writing by Jake Tobin Garrett and Kyle Carsten Wyatt. 

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