Monday, December 16, 2013

Publishers told that Publications Mail rate staying as announced for Jan 2014

Member magazines have been informed by Magazines Canada, the industry association, that the forthcoming changes announced last week by Canada Post (CPC) do not -- at present -- affect the Publications Mail rate, which was announced in July for January 2014. However, publishers will be faced with a major increase in lettermail (like any regular mail user) come March 31, affecting the mailing of publishers invoices. 
"Renewals and acquisitions sent via Addressed Admail rates remain the same as announced in late July 2013."
CPC is working with Magazines Canada and publishers to ensure that correct customer's mailing addresses are captured (rather than the physical address). And it is promoting tools such as Address Complete, which ensures that mailing addresses are complete (the #1 reason for returned mail is missing apartment or suite numbers, and the #2 reason is using the physical address instead of the mailing address.) A free trial of the Address Complete software is available.
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