Monday, December 02, 2013

Seven new, diverse, exotic and erotic member magazines approved by Magazines Canada

Magazines Canada's board has approved seven new member magazine members, diverse and in some ways exotic in their subject matter. 

Anokhi is a 4x fashion lifestyle and entertainment publication targetted to south Asians in western society. 

British Columbia History is a 4-times a year magazine focussed on social, political and economic history in B.C. 

In My Bed is an erotic literary arts publication published 4x annually. 

Mixtape, is a quarterly music magazine based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Real Style is a quarterly fashion, beauty and celebrity magazine. 

Viet Sun is an 11x bilingual (English and Vietnamese fashion lifestyle and cultural magazine aimed at Vietnamese-Canadians and Vietnamese-Americans. It is the first Vietnamese-language member of Magazines Canada. 

Tesla Magazine is a 4x celebration of the contributions of the Nikolai Tesla, who among other things invented alternating current.



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