Friday, March 21, 2014

Rogers's mobile and web redesign is paying off in increased readership

Since rolling out redesigned, tile-based layouts for all of its consumer magazines, with Maclean's being the most recent, Rogers Publishing has seen significant growth in digital readership on both websites and mobile, according to a J-source story

Ryan Trotman, senior director and digital publisher is quoted as saying that responsive design -- all content curated and edited the same for various platforms and for all titles -- has proven popular with readers, but engagement is highest on the iPad.  On the app version, readers don't visit as often but when they do, they read more pages and are more likely to read cover-to-cover. Website users tend to visit more often, but only read a few articles at a time. 

Since November 2012, pageviews on mobile have gone up 65% and on the redesigned websites about 35%. (Particularly in mobile, it should be noted that these percentages are from a relatively small base.) 

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