Friday, September 12, 2014

Quote, unquote: A founder of Port on the surprise of getting to issue 15

"The number of independent magazines is growing, be it to support other business interests, cultural expression, for pleasure (or pain however you decide to look at it). They are still in a strong position to challenge the status quo, whichever sector that happens to be in. 
"I don't think any of us expected Port to reach issue 15. I was nervous when we bought barcodes for eight issues when we were working on our first issue. I calculated how old I would be, and how much work that meant; I think we went for a beer to calm us down."
-- Co-founder and creative director Kuchar Swara, talking in an interview in Creative Review about Port magazine, started in 2011, reaching its 15th issue; it intended to provide a more in-depth range of content -- photographic essays, long-form articles and features spanning film, design, architecture, business, food and literature -- than mainstream men's magazines.



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