Monday, October 27, 2014

Canadian titles do well in IRMA awards

Canadian magazine members of the International Regional Magazine Association (IRMA) did well in the 34th annual awards, given out last night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. British Columbia Magazine and Cottage Life each won eight awards, Yukon, North of Ordinary won a bronze for cover up to 35,000 circulation. 

Public issues
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, Whale Song by Larry Pynn, June 2013

Nature and environment feature 
Silver award -- Cottage Life, Under the Wings of the Thunderbird by Jake MacDonald, Summer 2013

Travel feature
Bronze award -- British Columbia Magazine, Shore Leaves by Shanna Baker, June 2013

Silver award -- Cottage Life, The Seven Year Pitch by Jim Moodie,May 2013
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, Island Character by Masa Takei, June 2013

Reader service article
Gold award -- Cottage Life, Total Loss by Ray Ford, June 2013
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, Okanagan Day Hikes for Everyone by Jenny Manzer, September 2013

Award of merit -- Cottage Life, 97 Per Cent True by Guy Maddin, June 2013

Gold award -- Cottage Life, In Like Zim by David Zimmer, 2013

Single photo
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, The Secret Lives of Bears by Brad Hill, September 2013

Gold award -- Cottage Life, How the Nest was Done by Byron Eggenschwiler, May 2013

Gold award -- Cottage Life, Puttering by Martin Zibauer and Vicki Hornsby, 2013

Food feature
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, Sea Change by Andrew Findlay, December 2013

Cover (Up to 35,000 circulation)
Bronze award -- Yukon, North of Ordinary, Northern Portraits by Manu Keggenhoff, Tara McCarthy and Dave Brosha, Fall 2013

Cover (over 35,000 circulation)
Silver award -- Cottage Life, Smoke It! by Kim Zagar and Penny Caldwell, June 2013
Award of merit -- British Columbia Magazine, The Secret Life of Bears by Ken Seabrook, September 2013

Companion website
Silver award -- British Columbia Magazine by Agilitey and BC Magazine staff Jane Zatylny, Ken Seabrook, Shanna Baker, Lesley Christian ad Cindy Connor, 2013. 

IRMA is open to regional magazines in both Canada and the U.S. The association has 34 member titles, of whom 5 are Canadian. A definition of a "regional magazine" is provided by D. W. Kuhnert, editor in chief emeritus of Down East magazine:
"a general-interest magazine that aims to define, interpret, and explore a specific, recognizable region for those living there or yearning to. It should not be confused with a travel magazine, a shelter magazine, a photography magazine, an art magazine, a history magazine, or a gardening magazine. It is all these and more, and at its best is the authoritative voice for the particular area upon which it’s focused.” IRMA considers a “region” to be larger than a city but smaller than a nation, except for small nations."                                                                           

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