Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quote, unquote: Becoming a critical part of readers' lives

"There are people, as much today as ever before, who will pay for valuable information that helps them make smarter and better decisions. I can’t speak for why other publishers don’t do it, but for us it’s always going to be a value proposition for the reader, which really goes back to why we did all of this. We have to remain invaluable to all of these readers because that is our business and our revenue model. So the deeper we’re engaged with them, the more meaningful discussions we have with them, the more we’ve become a critical part of their lives, to the point where they don’t make big decisions without working with us."
-- Consumer Reports vice-president and general manager Brent Diamond about the magazine's no-ad, hefty subscription model. He was responding in a Q & A with Mr. Magazine about the major redesign of the magazine, launched with the November 2014 issue. Among other things, the magazine is introducing feature articles in what had previously been heavy on data and reviews. 



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