Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sandy Crawley named executive director of National Reading Campaign

Sandy Crawley, who was until the end of 2014* the executive director of the Professional Writers' Association of Canada (PWAC) has been named executive director of the National Reading CampaignCrawley said in a release about the appointment
"I look forward to working with Community Manager Holly Kent and the members of the board to raise the profile and increase the capacity of the NRC to make a real difference for all Canadians' enjoyment of the fundamental enrichment that comes from the many and varied form of reading." NRC co-Chair Kathy Lowinger commented, “We are thrilled to have Sandy with us as we work to create, sustain, and grow a society in which each Canadian has an equal opportunity to become and remain a lifelong reader.
(*Crawley's departure from PWAC was a less-than-happy one, largely because of internal politics. His final report to the PWAC board in December, of which I have seen a copy, was highly critical of a small group of members who opposed the strategic plan recommended by staff and in particular its emphasis on deficit reduction for the cash-strapped organization. It is understood that tomorrow (Jan 22) there will be an online Special Meeting of members to elect a new board.)



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