Monday, March 23, 2015

The Nation celebrates 150 years

A tip of the hat to The Nation magazine which is celebrating its astounding 150th anniversary, one of the world's oldest continually published titles with a special anniversary issue of 268 pages. It looks back at some of the best from its archives, both writing (e.g. H.L. Mencken, Langston Hughes, Emma Goldman, Norman Thomas, I.F. Stone, Hannah Arendt) and illustration (e.g. Ben Shawn, David Levine, Art Spieglman), interspersed with articles by contemporary contributors (e.g. David Korn, Calvin Trillin, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky)

The issue out this week was co-edited by editor Katrina vanden Huevel and her London correspondent D. D. Guttenplan and vanden Huevel encapsulated the spirit of the occasion:
"Change is inevitable, but the one constant in The Nation’s history has been a faith—not in political parties or policies, but in what can happen when you tell people the truth. This belief has sustained The Nation since its founding: that and the idea that there are always alternatives—in history, in politics, in life—that would make our country and the world a more humane, just and secure place."
A digital version of the issue is available free.



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