Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Today's Parent staff and contributors remember Tracy Chappell

Tracy Chappell with her daughters Avery (l) and Anna
Today's Parent magazine staff, contributors and friends have been knocked for a loop by the sudden death of senior editor Tracy Chappell. She died Monday night in her sleep at the age of 41, leaving her husband Sean and her children, Anna, 9 and Avery 6. The TP staff has posted online a collection of remembrances about what made her special to them.  That in addition to the dozens of tweets and Facebook posts.

Editor-in-chief Sasha Emmons said
As part of the Today’s Parent team for the last 14 years, Tracy had been around longer than anyone else, through many iterations and editors and roles. She was, in many ways, the soul of Today’s Parent. I’m not sure how we’re going to publish this magazine without her.
Contributor Jackie Gillard talked about how Chappell was the editor of the very first print magazine piece she published.
Tracy Chappell was one of a few certified diamonds in a sea of cubic zirconium. I hope her infinite love and grace holds her family tight right now and carries them through the horrific tragedy of losing their extraordinary mother, wife, daughter, sister, and aunt. She inspired so many, not just with her work, but with her entire essence and inner light.



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