Wednesday, October 07, 2015

NōD literary journal comes back to life at
U of Calgary

Editor-in-chief Katie O'Brien
[Photo: Jason Herring]
NōD, the undergraduate creative writing magazine at the University of Calgary, suspended for the past year because of funding issues, has been resurrected, according to a story in the student newspaper The Gauntlet

The literary journal will not only publish again this year, but possibly produce three rather than the usual two issues (to acknowledge its hiatus) -- the first of which will be themed about "Gender". The issue launch is Friday 9th at LOFT 112 in the East Village of Calgary.

Associated with the Department of English, but operated independently, the magazine is financed by donations and grants, but all publishing decisions are made by its undergraduate student board. 

The origin of the magazine's name is shrouded in mystery.
“The truth is that none of our current execs actually know what NōD means,” O’Brien says. “One of our volunteers suggested that nodes are like beacons. NōD as a magazine has that function too, to draw artists together. We’re not sure if that’s the original meaning, but that’s what we’re going with for now until we figure it out.”



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