Sunday, November 22, 2015

Survey respondents tell Western mag awards to offer a stripped-down version

The board of the Western Magazine Awards says in a message to its members that as a consequence of a survey, the awards program -- suspended last year -- is likely to come back to life, though not as the gala event of past years. 

Some 87 per cent of respondents said they hoped the WMAF would continue its work. More than half (52%) said they'd be most likely to support a seminar-based conference with an awards competition element. 70% of respondents said the awards program had been the organization's most significant contribution to the western Canadian magazine industry.

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Among the suggestions made by respondents were:
  • Presenting awards in a more casual, less costly format
  • Seeking more sponsorship from private donors
  • Changing the locations of events to more truly represent Western Canada
  • Hosting more educational and professional development events
  • Collaborating with organizations like MagsBC and/or the Alberta Magazine Publishing Association
  • Collaborating with schools (publishing, journalism, design, photography) to offer educational and networking opportunities for students
  • Encouraging more students to attend by making student award entries free
  • Reviewing and expanding awards categories
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