Wednesday, February 24, 2016

B2B CEOs say print will still be important revenue, but overshadowed by other sources

A survey  in the U.S. by Connectiv says that print will continue as one significant, if shrinking, component of the revenue mix of business to business publishing, alongside digital, data and events. The results of the survey of 30 CEOs from Connectiv's overall membership of 35, reported by Folio:, said that the diversification of the B2B businesses is already well along. 
Among the survey's findings is the conclusion that B2B media companies are already quite diversified; 90 percent of respondents claimed revenue from all five available categories: digital, marketing services, events, paid content/data, and print. Ninety-seven percent claimed revenue from digital resources, though it's perhaps most surprising that three percent did not.
Print is expected to decline from an average of 28 per cent to an average of 18 per cent over the next five years, while all other revenue sources are expected to increase: paid content/data up to 23 per cent; digital up to 21 per cent; events up to 24 percent. 



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