Thursday, February 11, 2016

Canadian Gardening to be closed this spring by TVA Publications

Sept. 2015 issue
The TVA Group is to cease operating Canadian Gardening and its web presence,, following publication of the spring issue, according to a post on Mastheadonline. A statement from the company was as follows:
TVA Publications has decided to concentrate on its strongest brands and will allocate the required staff and resources to keep strengthening their positioning. In that context, we will cease the activities of the Canadian Gardening magazine. The final issue will be the Spring 2016 issue (hitting newsstand on March 21, mailed to subscribers on March 8). 
This consolidation strategy is the best way for the company to optimize the reach of its flagship titles in a fast-changing market. TVA Publications will maintain a strong presence in every segment of the industry – fashion, beauty, home decor, cooking, celebrities & entertainment. We remain fully committed to print magazines as a core component of TVA Publications' business strategy while continuing to develop its brands on other platforms.
Canadian Gardening was purchased by Transcontinental Media in 2004 from its founder, Avid Media Inc. along with Canadian Home Workshop and Canadian Home and Country (both no longer publishing) and Outdoor Canada. (now owned by Cottage Life Media.) Later, Transcontinental Media was bought by TVA, the magazine publishing arm of Quebecor. At its peak Canadian Gardening had a measured readership of approximately 2.5 million.

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