Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Atlantic wins mag of the year; New York wins multiple "Ellies" in U.S. national magazine awards

The Atlantic won magazine of the year in the U.S. National Magazine Awards, presented last night. New York magazine was the only multiple award-winner. Of note in the event were two particular things: the growing presence of digital publications among award-winners; and the standing ovation for David Granger, who is departing as editor of Esquire after 19 years.  Taking home the essays and criticism prize. Granger quipped: "I'm so happy about this that I'm just going to quit." 
  • New York (magazine section, website, multimedia and general excellence in news, sport and entertainment;
  • Vice News, video award (2nd year in a row);
  • The Hollywood Reporter (general excellence, special interest  -- 2nd year in a row);
  • BuzzFeed News (public interest);
  • The Califorian Sunday Magazine (photography);
  • Eater (leisure interests);
  • Family Fun (personal service);
  • The Intercept (columns and commentary);
  • Lucky Peach for general excellence, service and lifestyle);
  • Matter (reporting);
  • Politico (feature photography);
  • Oxford American (general excellence, literature, science and politics);
  • Wired (design);
  • Bloomberg Businessweek (single-topic issue);
  • The New Yorker (feature writing);
  • Esquire (essays and criticism);
  • Zoetrope (fiction)
(The awards, dubbed the "Ellies" because the prize comes with an elephant trophy sculpture created by the late Alexander Calder, were made to 18 different print and digital publications).


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