Thursday, March 31, 2016

Metropolitan Home being revived on a contingent basis by Hearst

Mavens of shelter magazines may be hugging themselves now that it has been announced that Metropolitan Home is being revived -- at least for now. Originally published by Hachette, it was closed in 2009 to much lamentation. It is now to be back on the newsstands this month under the imprimatur of Hearst magazines, which acquired it in 2011 along with other Hachette U.S. titles. According to an article in AdWeek:
The magazine’s relaunch follows the test-issue template set by other Hearst titles like HGTV and Dr. Oz. The Spring/Summer issue of Metropolitan Home will be released on April 11—70,000 copies will be sold on newsstands with another 45,000 going to subscribers of other Hearst magazines such as Elle Décor, Town & Country and Esquire—and, depending on reader and advertiser interest, more issues could follow.

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