Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Canadian Art unveils new mission and coverage

Spring issue
David Balzer, the newish editor-in-chief of Canadian Art magazine has sent a message to subscribers unveiling the new mission statement and inviting them to make a gift to support expanded editorial research and writing. The magazine intends to: 
  • launch a regular monthly column on Indigenous art in 2016; 
  • increase coverage of many important—yet often overlooked—aspects of art and its communities, such as art and parenting, art and disability, and more; and 
  • "experiment and push the envelope in terms of special artist projects and new ways to write about art." Among other things, the statement says
“What is Canadian art?” is a question we are continually asking ourselves," the statement says, in part. "Parity in region, ethnicity and gender, both in contributors and coverage, will be reflected in every issue. We will promote ambassadors for Canadian culture, whether or not they live and work within Canada."



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