Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Manitoba magazine awards ("Maggies")
finalists named

The finalists have been announced for the Maggie Awards, presented by the Manitoba Magazine Publishers Association. The winners will find out who they are at a June 22 luncheon ceremony at Red River College in Winnipeg. The finalists (see below) were chosen from among more than 50 entries. 

There are five finalists for the top prize, magazine of the year: Canada’s History, Conservator,  Geez, Herizons and Kayak.

Several magazines have multiple finalists, including Canada's History (7), Prairie Fire (6), Conservator (3), Herizons (3) and Kayak (3).
Complete list of finalists:

Creative writing awards

Best Poem or Suite of Poems 
  • Contemporary Verse 2, three poems by Dennis Cooley 
  • Prairie Fire, "A Loving Follow-Through" by Harold Hoefle
  • Prairie Fire, three poems by Patrick Friesen
Best short fiction story
  • Prairie Fire, "A Hole in the Wall" by Nadia Bozak
  • Prairie Fire,“The Late Show”by Hal Walling 
  • Prairie Fire,“The Sandwich Artist” by Alex Leslie 
Editorial writing awards

Best editorial feature (writing)
  • Canada's History, “Apocalypse Then” 
  • Canada's History,“A Pox on Our Nation” 
  • Canada's History, “The Twisted Genius of George Feyer” 
  • Prairie Fire, “Six Ways She Might Have Died Before She Reached Nineteen”
Best regular column or department 
  • Herizons, First Word 
  • Kayak, Fiction feature 
  • The Cellar Door, Sidebar 
Design awards 

Best cover, illustration
  • Canada's History, Captain Cook
  • Canada's History, Northwest Passage
  • Kayak, Meet Our Prime Ministers
Best cover, photography
  • Conservator, Wetland Wonderland
  • Contemporary Verse 2, Out of Line
  • Herizons, KC Adams and the Art of Disarming Racism
Best editorial feature (design)
  • Canada's History, "Haunted History"
  • Conservator, "Pit Stops and Pitfalls"
  • The Cellar Door, "Summer Kitchen"
  • The Manitoba Teacher, "Where the Boys Aren't"

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