Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Canadian Art magazine joins in questioning of Van Gogh sketchbook's authenticity

Canadian Art magazine has published an article on its website that joins in questioning the authenticity of  a sketchbook attributed to Vincent Van Gogh and now published worldwide by Dr. Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, a professor emeritus of the department of fine art at Erindale College, University of Toronto. The controversy has been sparked by a press release from Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum stating the sketchbook in not by Van Gogh. It described them as "imitations". 

The story has also been reported by the Guardian and NRC Handelsblad and other international media outlets.

"Earlier this morning, before the controversy struck, Welsh-Ovcharov was receiving accolades in Canadian media, with the CBC and the Globe and Mail hailing her as the recoverer of a lost Van Gogh sketchbook—a sketchbook which is the basis of a new, $100-priced book on the artist officially being launched today by US-based publisher Abrams Books, " says the Canadian Art post.


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