Monday, December 05, 2016

Mastheadonline to become "volunteer based community website"

Martin Seto
Martin Seto, a tech blogger with Masthead has now been appointed editor of the online magazine. He succeeds Leslie Emmons in piloting the publication, which has been in print and online for more than 20 years. 

Seto will continue his blog and continue as producer of the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs). The magazine, he said 
"will evolve into a volunteer based community based website and one of the initiatives  planned is to create an open blog opportunity for anybody that wants to write about how Magazine/Newspaper/Publishing can be relevant again in the digital world."
The magazine, which has been published by North Island Publishing of Mississauga publishers of Graphic Monthly Canada for the commercial printing industry and Design Edge Canada for the graphic design industry (sold to the CJ Group in 2013), began as a print publication for the magazine industry, both subscription and permission-based. In 1994 Masthead was an early entrant in online, at first as a dial-up bulletin board (some of you kids won't remember these). Later, it discontinued print publication and carried on as an online magazine.

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