Monday, September 25, 2017

Ad Age redesigns, top to bottom

Advertising Age, the U.S. bible of the advertising industry, is undergoing a complete redesign, not only its print edition but also its website. It becomes officially what everyone has called it for years -- Ad Age -- and will have a new look, logo, colour and palate, said a story in the New York Post

The first issue on Monday will have a series of covers, including controversy-plagued NBC anchor Megyn Kelly and a trio of Facebookers including Sheryl Sandberg.

Braiker says the new Ad Age will feature a more contemporary aesthetic and (most crucially) heavier cover stock — a costly investment at time when many mags are reducing frequency. 

Editor Brian Braiker insists there is plenty of money to be made from print pubs — even those with limited focus and niche audiences like Ad Age. Editor Brian Braiker says the redesign will transform the publication from a mere trade to a bona fide cultural must-read.

"This isn't merely a new look," an announcement said. "This isn't window dressing. This is a new Ad Age for a new advertising age. Things are moving faster every day. Which means they'll never be this slow again."

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