Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Playing the game

I guess it's just doing what everyone else does, but doesn't it seem a bit cheesy for Magazines Canada to try and kite the vote on a spurious Globe and Mail online poll? The poll question asks if the respondents were advertisers, which medium would they use to be most effective. Not only are such online polls just plain stupid, they are made more stupid by such write-in campaigns, although I imagine other media are doing precisely the same thing. In the end, on-line polling is a sampling of the kinds of people who fill out online polls. So it's not clear why Canada's premier organization representing the medium of magazines would stoop to such a response. Besides, the result is pre-ordained: the answer will be television. It won't be a thoughtful answer or even useful intelligence, but it is inevitable. Which will mean the magazine campaign will have been pointless.

Of course I say this having been one of those lunatics who helped stuff the ballot box for Tommy Douglas on the Greatest Canadian vote.


Blogger Jon Spencer said...

I agree... and I'd add that the poll is probably a better measurement of where consumers find advertising to be most intrusive/annoying, not where it's most effective. It's measuring the media that consumers most readily associate with advertising.

I would hope (am I being naive here?) that most media buyers would be savvy enough to figure out what consumers were really saying with their poll responses.

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