Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sara Angel now Editor of Chatelaine

At last, a new Editor has been appointed at Chatelaine. The magazine has been without an editor for 9 months, since the resignation of Kim Pittaway.

A brief announcement today by Publisher Kerry Mitchell said: "I am delighted to announce the appointment of Sara Angel to the position of Editor-in-Chief at Chatelaine. Sara's unique combination of talents includes writing, editing, designing and publishing. She has produced some of Canada's most successful books and is well-known for her ability to package written and visual content."

Angel worked most recently for Saturday Night, writing on art, social issues, politics, interiors, lifestyle, fashion, food and gardening and also writing a monthly food column.

She began her career (as Sara Borins) in 1992 as an editor at Macfarlane Walter & Ross where she edited literary non-fiction, later worked with designer Bruce Mau and, in 1997, went to London to work for Phaidon Press as a commissioning editor. She returned to Canada in 1999 and founded her own company, Otherwise Editions, that specialized in the the packaging of innovative illustrated books such as The Museum Called Canada by Charlotte Gray.

Other details, taken from Chatelaine's press release announcement: Angel has contributed to a number of Canadian publications and served as an arts commentator for CBC television. Angel has a joint degree in History and Art History from McGillUniversity and has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University University. She has been responsible for a number of packaged titles such as Susur: A Culinary Biography
by Susur Lee, Canada’s House: Rideau Hall and the Invention of a Canadian Home by Margaret MacMillan, Marjorie Harris and Anne Desjardins, The Trudeau Albums by Mordecai Richler et al. and Mondo Canuck: A Canadian Pop Culture Odyssey by Greig Dymond.

Angel lives in Toronto with her husband and 19-month-old son. She is due to have her second child in September.

UPDATE: The Globe and Mail story on this appointment. And another take by CBC Arts and Entertainment web page, with a picture.


Anonymous Bob Loblog said...

A packager? I thought that was the publisher's job.

1:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it "only" took nine months, but at least we know who the new "hand puppet" is. Thanks for the news DB.

8:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had this conversation with a friend today:

Friend: "Did you hear? Sara Angel's been appointed the new editor of Chatelaine."
Me: "Who?"
Friend: "Well, she used to go by Sara Borins."
Me: "Who?"

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aaaaaand, it's over

10:19 am  

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