Wednesday, February 13, 2008

British Columbia magazine donates $10,000 to restore Stanley Park

British Columbia magazine has donated $10,000 towards tree planting, part of the restoration of Stanley Park, devastated by a violent winter storm a little over a year ago. The money is a portion of the proceeds pledged from a special issue of the magazine published last year called Stanley Park: A special place. The $10,000 cheque was presented to the Vancouver Park Board this week by Susan Rybar, the magazine's publication director

"Stanley Park is important to British Columbians as a place of recreation and respite, a cherished downtown green space in our largest city," says Anita Willis, editor of British Columbia magazine. "Creating the Stanley Park special issue was our way of celebrating this incredible place by raising awareness and raising money for the park," she said in a press release.

"British Columbia magazine has created a lasting tribute to Stanley Park with its special issue," says Vancouver Park Board chair Korina Houghton. "And their generous commitment to our restoration work is a real public service to the millions of people who enjoy this park."

About 10,000 trees were damaged or destroyed over 400 acres in the December 2006 storm -- across about 40 hectares of forest, or about 10 per cent of the park. This year, some 10,000 tree seedlings will be planted to eventually replace the mature trees that were blown down.

Stanley Park: A special place was a 66-page special issue published in May 2007 and sold for $9.95. It photographs of gardens and forest areas; archival images and a historic timeline; profiles of park wildlife and a birdwatcher's checklist; and a detailed two-page park map. Copies are still available. The parks board is also accepting donations to its restoration fund.


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