Friday, February 15, 2008

A taste for magazines?

[This post has been updated] A new magazine ad campaign for Welch's grape juice involves lickable “Peel and Taste” samples. Next month, readers of People magazine will be offered the chance to peel back some metal foil and get a sample of the the juice. The story is that the creators, a company called First Flavor, hope the gimmick will catch on like breath strips that dissolve on the tongue. The only other time it has been used was to advertise for the CBS television series “Cane”, by having ads for a fictional rum company, though it has also been used to familiarize consumers with the taste of Arm & Hammer toothpaste.]

[UPDATE: As you'll see from a comment to this item, the manufacturer of the flavour strip are somewhat dismayed that people think they have to lick the magazine page. First Flavor says its intentions were that the reader would take the strip from under the foil cover and put it in their mouths. We have to wonder, however, whether this story would have got the same attention...]



Blogger Jay Minkoff said...

As the president of First Flavor, the company bringing this Peel 'n Taste product to market, there is a major correction to the WSJ article: This is not about Lickable Ads. Welch's used the term 'lick' in their ad and no one seems to have bothered to read the fine print.

Our product, which can be attached to a print ad and peeled off, is a sealed tamper evident foil pouch containing a piece of edible film. (Similar to popular breath strips.) One peels opens the pouch and places the piece of edible film on your tongue. The edible film dissolves quickly leaving you with a burst of flavor. No licking involved!

The point that was really missed was that finally consumers now have a way of trying the taste of a product before they buy it. We call it taking a product for a 'Taste Drive'!

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