Monday, March 10, 2008

The job of every print publication? Wired editor says it's to add value to the web

During a recent television interview by Charlie Rose with Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, he was asked "Do you have to be a print publication?" His answer:
What we're learning is that in an era where people have choices, the job of every print publication is to add value to the web. If you're a newspaper, and I say this as someone who loves newspapers, arguably you're a value-subtract medium -- the same product, but 18 hours late and it leaves smudgy ink on your fingers. If you're a monthly magazine, you are doing something the web doesn't do. It is long form, 8,000 words, photography, design, lavish spreads on high stock. I believe in these kinds of magazines in the same way I believe in books. A book is a superior product to reading the same material as text on a screen...I think a book has a place in the 21st century and I think a magazine [does] things that don't work on the web. And that is a good place to be for the magazine industry in the future.
Here is the interview (approximately 22 minutes)


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