Wednesday, February 11, 2009

CP style and spelling guides being sold online, at a premium

Canadian Press has made an online version of its venerable and highly respected Style Guide and Caps and Spelling, for a fee.

Annual online subscriptions:
Stylebook = $48.95
Caps and Spelling = $28.95
Buy both = $75.00

Hard copies:
Stylebook = $34.95
Caps and Spelling = $20.05
Total cost: $55.00

So, apparently, the premium for searchability is $20 the first year and thereafter $75. Or am I missing something?

[hat tip to J-source]


Blogger Kat Tancock said...

I guess the ultimate cost depends on how frequently they update. But yes, that seems a bit much. Maybe the idea is you replace x copies around the office with one payment for online access?

7:16 pm  

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