Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CV2 magazine seeks verses that contain 35 -- lines, numbers, words, stanzas -- you name it

The Winnipeg-based poetry magazine CV2 celebrates 35 years in publishing this year and is holding a writing contest with a twist.
The catch is that each poem must incorporate “35” somehow or somewhere in the submission. It could be that a poem is 35 lines or 35 stanzas or it could be that literally the number “35” is used or written out, or included in the title. All we ask is that if the use of “35” is not immediately obvious, for example each line is thirty-five words in length, that you include a note in the entry explaining how you have used the requisite number. Although we will award no extra points for being tricky, we are definitely open to innovation.
Entries are $24 each, which includes a one-year subscription. First prize is $500 plus paid publication.  The deadline is November 1.

CV2 is also in the middle of a coast-to-coast reading tour. This week it was in Toronto and is due in Halifax Sunday, September 5 and Vancouver October 16. There will also be a Winnipeg reading, not yet confirmed.



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