Friday, August 27, 2010

Former Lush EIC launches fashion magazine whose name is Müdd

The former editor-in-chief of Lush magazine, Mahfud Ibrahim, has launched a new, online fashion title called Müdd. It is positioning itself as the first Canadian fashion magazine published exclusively for iPads and iPhones. Ibraham is the creative director and editor-in-chief. The app for the magazine is free from iTunes.
In a message to readers, he says:
I have missed you all so much, and with Müdd we can adore all things fashionable and glamorous together. Müdd Magazine's premiere issue exemplifies all that we represent, it is a platform for our core values: sophistication, style and culture. We are not afraid to publish articles about Somalia's government alongside high-fashion couture photo shoots. We believe that a modern audience is as interested in the world's issues as well as committed to celebrating the beautiful, creative and opulent.
Represented by Dodd Media Group, the magazine for the time being offers only static on-page ads, though it is promising interactive opportunities in future. A full page ad is $9,000, according to the media kit. There is no information available about actual or expected readership and there seems not to be any plans for a print version.

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