Friday, August 06, 2010

Western Magazine Awards finalists announced, but no new magazine or lifetime achievement

In what is surely a highly unusual development, the Western Magazine Awards have decided this year to give out neither its Lifetime Achievement nor its Best New Magazine awards.
In the case of lifetime achievement, the board is reviewing the criteria and the application form.
To ensure all nominees are adequately represented in the process, the board is developing a comprehensive application form to support nominations for 2011, and is gathering input from key stakeholders in the industry. In view of the lack of consistency in the nominations this year, the judges have not named a winner for 2010. The Board recognizes that there are several candidates who are worthy of nomination and its decision not to offer this award this year is not a reflection of them.
In the case of the new magazine award,
The judges determined that while the magazines reviewed for this year’s Best New category each showed potential, none offered an editorial package that merited inclusion as a finalist for the WMA.
Finalists in all other categories were announced today (full details here). Among them:
Magazine of the Year (given out by province/territory, from which a "best in show" award is made)
  • Alberta/NWT 
    • Alberta Venture
    • Alberta Views
    • Avenue
    • Up Here Business
    • Up Here
  • BC/Yukon
    • BC Business
    • British Columbia Magazine
    • Geist
    • Vancouver Magazine
    • Western Living
  • Manitoba 
    • The Beaver 
    • Border Crossings
    • Prairie Fire
    • Wave
  • Saskatchewan
    • Blackflash
    • Grain Magazine
    • Westworld
  • Trade magazine of the year finalists
    • Alberta Oil
    • CGA Magazine
    • Enterprise
    • West

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

why lump nwt with ab and yukon with bc? seems arbitrary. all they share with one another is a border. as for not handing out those awards: lame. the awards people should've already had their shit together. it's disgraceful to the entrants

12:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering it is merely a contest of the best "entrants" not the ultimate best (as you have to actively enter to be considered) it can't make logical sense that there no Best New Magazine entrants qualify for an award. One must be better than the others, therefore it is worthy of the moniker "Best." It is so pretentious and disgraceful that the WMAs would tell every new magazine that entered "you're not worthy." Methinks this is the beginning of the end for these preposterous, cliquey and meaningless awards. The director should step down after this year if she hopes to save the WMAs.

1:18 pm  
Blogger Anicka said...

Anonymous number 2, it sounds like you've never judged a magazine category before. It's actually not the director that decides not to give an award, but the judging panel - and it's certainly their right to decide the quality of entrants this year isn't up to par this year. Every awards system does this - I just attended the Interior Design Institute of BC awards, and two categories (though filled entries) went awardless this year.

3:38 pm  

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