Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's not all that hard to subscribe to magazines in Canada, really

A casual glance at a recent press release suggested that there was a new player among subscription services for Canadian readers. Turns out, however, that Acclaim Subscriptions Canada is simply a phone and web link to a U.S. company.  The release was merely a marketing initiative by the Brooklyn, New York-based Acclaim Subscriptions.
"Joyce Redding of Toronto is pleasantly overwhelmed by the convenience of ordering magazine subscriptions this year for her extensive family and friends," [says the release]. Ordering magazine subscriptions in Canada has been a challenge - sometimes it's hard to find magazines that ship to Canada; in the past she had to order Canadian magazines separately from publishers.
Funny, we weren't aware that subscription services for Canadians were such a challenge, what with the Rogers magazine service (marketing both Canadian and U.S. titles) and the Magazines Canada services for print magazines (including their current buy 2, get 1 free promotion), plus their digital newsstand project in collaboration with Zinio.

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