Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thomson Reuters woos publishers by launching Reuters America wire service

Although it denies that it is an "anti-AP" move, Thomson Reuters has launched an American wire service that promises to provide cash-strapped newspapers, radio and television with general news, business and financial coverage, sports and entertainment news.According to a Reuters story, the service called Reuters America is part of a multi-million dollar investment that aims to compete with the Associated Press and CNN's wire service.
Reuters is hiring journalists and using outside journalists, or "stringers," to provide general news stories in addition to its business and financial news. It also will write stories commissioned by its news clients.
"This is being designed and being run in a way that is not one size fits all," said Chris Ahearn, Thomson Reuters' president of media. "It gives (publishers) comfort and flexibility that there are other choices than... some of the legacy providers."
Reuters owns a worldwide news agency as well as a newswire business providing financial and professional data to business.
 The Reuters story points out that, about two years ago, major metropolitan newspapers such as the Plain Dealer in Cleveland and the Boston Globe, urged the AP to lower its fees and some newspapers such as the the Tribune Co., publishers of the Chicago Tribune,  threatened to leave. At about that time, CNN started its news agency as a cheaper alternative.



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